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Soccer Number and Field Positions Explained - Dad tips on kids soccer, soccer drills, soccer gear, a-league, FIFA world cup, Socceroos

This post explains soccer positions for kids soccer.  The coach shouts “play the number 10 position” what does this mean ?Have you ever wondered why the GoalKeeper always has the Number 1 on his/her soccer shirt or what is the significant of Messi number 10? this post will start to explain all this.

In full size soccer there are 11 players on the field.
There are four groupings of players

  1. GoalKeeper
  2. Backs
  3. Midfield
  4. Forwards

The starting 11 typically looks like this in a 4-2-3-1 formation (it will be explained in another blog post)


soccer-number-position in 4-2-3-1 formation

1  –Goalkeeper

2 – Right fullback   3 – Left fullback4 – Center back 5 – Center back

6 – Defending Midfielder

7 – Right wing

8 – Central Midfielder

9 – Striker

10 – Attacking midfielder/Playmaker

11 – Left Wing

What you will soon find out is that depending on the formation the number and their relative position will change. This is too complex for kids soccer but during you kids soccer career,  the “strategy” and the “thinking man’s game” aspect of soccer will become more important as you kids become older.
Kids Soccer Positions
But in small sided football the number of players will reduce. For under 9s will only play 7 players
and therefore only 3 groups
  1. GoalKeeper
  2. Backs
  3. Forwards

Typically the formation will look like this


A Typical U9s Soccer formation









For under 10s and 11s will only play 9 players. This means the introduction of a midfield group and extra complexity
  1. GoalKeeper
  2. Backs
  3. Midfield
  4. Forwards

A Typical U10s Soccer formation







So there you have it. A short simple explanation of soccer positions in kids soccer

Summary  –  Each soccer number corresponds to a soccer position on the field but this is modified for kids soccer.

Each soccer number has a role – numbers 6 and under are typically defending positions.

Kids soccer has less numbers and the position numbers are not sequential.

Complex formations determines soccer positions


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