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Size 3 Soccer Ball please - Dad tips on kids soccer, soccer drills, soccer gear, a-league, FIFA world cup, Socceroos

You walk into Rebel Sports or your local sport store and you are confronted with an array of soccer balls. Which one do I buy? Here are some general tips: –

  1. If your Kid is under 9 but over 4, you will need a size 3 ball – so your choice might be limited (remember to have this conversation with your kid before you enter the store). The big shiny Manchester United Ball might not be the correct size for your child.
  2. You will Accumulate Soccer balls over time – Christmas, birthdays, Soccer Camps, Watching A-League matches live, these are all sources of accumulation
  3. When you kid becomes more skilled you will notice different balls will feel and play differently
  4. The ball you will buy is primarily used for training.
  5. You will need a wall and open area to kick around once you have the ball

Technical Stuff (optional reading)


  • Toddlers – 4 Years – Size 2 or mini balls
  • Under 9s and under- will need a size 3 ball
  • Under 10/11s – will need a size 4 ball
  • 12 Plus – will progress to a full size ball (Size 5)


  • $10  – These are generally your mini balls and some cheaper soccer balls
  • $15 – $34 – This is probably the price range you will buy at
  • $35 + – These are normally special soccer balls such as Supporter balls or Match balls

Grades of Balls

  • Practice Ball – These are the standard balls they sell in the sport shops – you will probably purchase this grade of ball
  • Match Ball – These balls are normally certified by a soccer body or be FIFA Inspected
    • These ball are guaranteed to conform to official weight, size and quality need to matches
  • Premium Match – Normally “FIFA Approved”,  the ball is subject to some very rigid testing requirements

Ball Construction

The default construction of the ball is  32-panel balls and is the type used in most professional matches. The soccer ball  is essentially a Buckminster Ball consisting of 20 hexagonal (six sided) and 12 pentagonal (five sided) surfaces.


But lately there has been a trend, particularly by Adidas to explore new construction types. And believe it or not has a huge impact on the ball roll, Kick-ability (still position, moving), shooting, Juggling and dribbling. Our personal experience is we found this out by accident because we purchased a variety of balls with no knowledge.


Our Soccer Balls



Check out our collection of Soccer Balls

  1. The Brazuca – The latest soccer ball in the house, my son is very excited about the 2014 world cup and he was very excited when he received this soccer ball. The added graphics looks great and a fantastic visual aid when it comes to ball juggling. The graphics really highlights when the ball is spinning and has helped my son tremendously. BTW my son (who has just turned 9) is  up to 10 juggles consistently and 23 is his current record (30/12/2013). Birthday Gift.
  2. The Umbro – Fantastic ball and also is the first soccer ball that I purchased for my son. We went into Rebel Sports to look and test a range of Soccer balls and Sean said that this ball felt the best to dribble with. Being a newbie I did not realise that the construction of this ball is slightly different from the other balls on the market, which probably explains why it felt better for my son. The shape of the panel with the diamond imprint is actually a flat round cross not a hexagonal or pentagonal shaped panel. Still his favourite. First soccer ball.
  3. The Adidas Glider – Size 3 – He got this ball at Soccer Camp with Soccer De Brazil in Sydney – Queens park, 2013, Thanks Gui.  Actually we use this ball as an indoor ball which is why it is still white.  Later on in this blog I will write about indoor drills. But great ball for touch. Soccer Camp Ball
  4. The Tango –   Many believe that this design is one of the best from Adidas. The triangle panels make the general roll of the ball great. The ball feels great to kick and dribble with. I actually purchased this ball by accident for my son. I thought Under 9s had to use Size 4 Soccer Balls – WRONG, so we have an extra ball in the house. Wrong Purchase – whoops but a good whoops.
  5. The Size 4 Glider – Another soccer camp and yet another soccer ball. They did not have any size 3 balls so we went home with a size 4 ball instead. The ball was part of a soccer camp package –  the Steve Corica’s (Sydney FC Assistant Coach)  Coerver Soccer Camp package – great soccer camp!. Soccer Camp Ball.



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