Size 3 Soccer Ball please

You walk into Rebel Sports or your local sport store and you are confronted with an array of soccer balls. Which one do I buy? Here are some general tips: - If your Kid is under 9 but over 4, you will need a size 3 ball - so your choice might be limited (remember to have this conversation with your kid before you enter the store). The big shiny Manchester United Ball might not be the correct size for your child. You will Accumulate Soccer balls over time - Christmas, birthdays, Soccer Camps, Watching A-League matches live, these are…
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What is Small Sided Football?

What is small sided football (Soccer)?  It is basically a modified version of soccer designed for young kids, Your kids won't start playing grown up soccer until they reach the age of 11 or 12 years of age. Theses are the benefits of SSF The small teams means that you kid gets to touch the ball more often, score more goals and more participation The smaller ball and field is proportional to the kids size and ability Young kids are harder to handle in a team sport so the "small" side makes it easier for the coach/parents The 5 and…
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Parents guide to Kids Soccer

So your kids wants to play soccer - here is some general survival tips  on what to watch for in today's world of kids soccer. Their is more to Soccer than simply buying the Messi or Shinji Ono Jersey.  Kids soccer is different than playing adult soccer that you see on TV or at a live match, your participation is an important factor is just as important as the kids (more…)
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