Buying the correct Soccer Boots for your son and daughter

OK - It is the start of the soccer season and you are ready to kit your son or daughter with books and shin pads. Where do you start? I have a confession - last year I actually purchased the wrong type of boots for my son and he had to play the season with the incorrect boot. We didn't know the boots were the incorrect fitting until this year,  the coach and another soccer parent and later the sales person pointed this out to us. Hence the motivation for writing this blog post, I don't want you to make…
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Size 3 Soccer Ball please

You walk into Rebel Sports or your local sport store and you are confronted with an array of soccer balls. Which one do I buy? Here are some general tips: - If your Kid is under 9 but over 4, you will need a size 3 ball - so your choice might be limited (remember to have this conversation with your kid before you enter the store). The big shiny Manchester United Ball might not be the correct size for your child. You will Accumulate Soccer balls over time - Christmas, birthdays, Soccer Camps, Watching A-League matches live, these are…
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